Spring Egg Activities

Welcome spring into your classroom with our favorite FREE spring themed activities...Guess My Egg Design and Classroom Egg Hunt.  While having fun, you'll keep your students engaged in writing, reading, math, and science tasks!
Guess My Egg Design
Mix a little creativity and writing with this spring activity!  Students select an egg design to color, then write about it using color and design clues!  This FREE pack includes several egg designs for students to select from and color.  It also has 2 types of lined writing paper.
After all students complete their eggs and writing pieces, gather the class together to try guess each other's egg designs!  We like to select a handful of 'eggs' at a time and hang them on display.  Then, students who decorated those eggs all come up together to read their writing piece.  After reading, they select a few students to guess which egg they designed!


Classroom Egg Hunt
Here is our FREE academic egg hunt version for the classroom!  We put our students in partner pairs and send them on the hunt!
After the eggs are stuffed with math, ELA, and science questions/tasks and hidden around the classroom, students set off to find them!  We arrange an order for finding the eggs by using a numerical order.  This also helps each partner group get a new question with each egg they find!
 Egg Hunt Fun!
Egg hunt fun!  Kiddos love to work on this activity together!
After hard work on the egg hunt, students get a SPECIAL 'treat egg' after completing the hunt!


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Spring Print + Play Games
 Print these games once and your kiddos can play all month!  The set includes 6 Math games and 5 Word Work games!


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