Standards...Simplified! Print a Standard for MATH!

Do you have MATH standards to teach?? 
If so, we have a Print a Standard for that!  

Our Print a Standard packs simplify your teaching!  Each pack can be used to teach, assess, and everything in between for one standard! 

We have a Print a Standard pack for EVERY MATH standard!  Check out a few first grade examples!
Each pack has at least 6 different tasks, like coloring the right answer...
and cutting and pasting to sort.....
and spinning to create problems....
and flipping to do a written response.

Don't worry...we have them for Kindergarten
and 2nd Grade too!
Many of the types of task in each pack K-2 are similar, so you can use different grade levels to differentiate based on the needs of the students you work with!

Interested?  Here are some of the reasons Print a Standard packs are so popular with teachers!

If you'd like to check Print a Standards out for your classroom, here's how you can find them!

First, go to OUR STORE.

Then type the standard you are looking for in the search box (see below!):

After you type the standard you need into the search box, you'll find the Print a Standard you need!

You can also look at the categories along the left side of our store. 
To get to the categories click below for the grade level you need:

We have Print a Standard packs for all ELA standards too; click HERE to find out more!

We hope our Print a Standard packs simplify your teaching!