Standards...Simplified! Print a Standard for ELA!

Do you have ELA standards to teach?? 
If so, we have a Print a Standard for that!  

Our Print a Standard packs simplify your teaching!  Each pack can be used to teach, assess, and everything in between for one standard! 

We have a Print a Standard pack for EVERY ELA standard!  Check out a few first grade examples!
Each pack has at least 6 different tasks, like coloring the right and wrong answer...
and flipping to do a written response...
and coloring to identify....
and cutting and pasting to sort.

Don't worry...we have them for Kindergarten
and 2nd Grade too!
Many of the types of task in each pack K-2 are similar, so you can use different grade levels to differentiate based on the needs of the students you work with!

Interested?  Here are some of the reasons Print a Standard packs are so popular with teachers!

If you'd like to check Print a Standards out for your classroom, here's how you can find them!

First, go to OUR STORE.

Then type the standard you are looking for in the search box (see below!):
After you type the standard you need into the search box, you'll find the Print a Standard you need!
You can also look at the categories along the left side of our store. 
To get to the categories click below for the grade level you need:

We have Print a Standard packs for all MATH standards too; click HERE to find out more!

We hope our Print a Standard packs simplify your teaching!