Spring Resources and Activities

Welcome spring into your classroom with FREE reading and writing activities!
ABC's of Spring!
We like to do this activity to welcome spring!  We pair is with a great spring read aloud book, like When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes.  You could also use many of the books on our favorite spring book list below!  You can complete this task in your classroom in several ways: together as a whole group, teacher led in small groups, partner pairs or small student groups working together, or with a parent volunteer!


Reading Comprehension with Bear Books!
 We love to pair these Bear books together for some comprehension lessons in spring!
Bear Snores On is a great way to talk about hibernation. And Bear Wants More is great to talk about animals waking in spring. Use the links to grab them on Amazon! (affiliate links)
Here is a FREE comprehension sheet to practice predicting with both books.  Students predict the setting of each book and support their ideas using pictures and/or words.  The books are great for predicting the setting because they have great pictures to show the seasons.
After reading both books, students compare them! 


Favorite Spring Read Aloud Books
Grab these books on Amazon with our affiliate links!

Our Spring Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers
Spring Print + Play Games
 Print these games once and your kiddos can play all month!  The set includes 6 Math games and 5 Word Work games!


April Emergent Text Evidence Passages

Our Emergent Text Evidence passages are great for primary readers to practice finding evidence in the text with support!
We love to pair them with favorite seasonal read aloud books!


More Spring Fun!
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This post features 2 FREE resources for fun with EGGS! You can grab the templates for Guess My Egg Design and Classroom Egg Hunt!

 Engage your kiddos in some discovery and observation of 'spring things' with the FREE recording sheets in this blog post!