Resources for At-Home and Distance Learning

We've gathered up our most helpful resources for at-home and distance learning.  Students love these rigorous and purposeful resources that make great learning tools outside of the classroom!

Print a Standard Task Sheets
Our Print a Standard task sheets teach, practice, and review ALL K-2 ELA and Math standards!  When students are out of school, these task sheets are an engaging and purposeful way to make sure students are practicing all standards!
Students love to complete the tasks!

After trying out the sample pages, think of using the Distance Learning pack, which has one task sheet for EVERY ELA and Math standard!  This pack is a great tool for teaching, practicing, and assessing the standards students need to master in a school year.  
 Each grade level pack has 70-80 pages that can be printed and assembled into a workbook format by hole punching the pages and using a 2 pocket folder.
We've included a variety of covers to personalize the work packs to the needs of your students! 
Take a break from learning on a screen and try out a work packet!  Click below to find the grade level pack you need!

Print a Packet Reading Comprehension
One passage + several pages of reading comprehension = a week's worth of reading work spread into small 20 minute sessions.  The passage sets are also great for a longer hour session of work, like a tutoring session! 
Here is a 1st/2nd grade version of Print a Packets.
 Here is a 2nd/3rd grade version of Print a Packets.  In our Teachers Pay Teachers store, we have complete packs that include 36 passage sets.  We also have many FREE passages!

Parent Reading Comprehension Info and Practice Packs
Empower parents to teach and practice types of comprehension at home!  We call these sets SPARK (Strategy Practice and Reading are Key) and they come with an information sheet about the type of comprehension and 2 practice tasks.  Each set is a great activity to involve the family in comprehension practice!  The set above, Determining the Main Idea, is FREE if you click the Preview button on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Reading Response Sheets for ANY Book

Get students thinking deeper about the book you or they read with our simple reading response sheets!  When you download the pack of response sheets, you'll get 10 sheets to practice 8 common types of reading comprehension.

Video Reading Lessons
We've got a few video reading lessons where WE teach! Just hit play, and we'll teach a lesson to the students!  Kiddos watch as we start with a model lesson to introduce the skill they will be practicing.  After the model lesson with guidance, students work on completing an independent task.  Once the individual task is finished, we come back to review the work with the students!
 Each lesson has a 'good reader tool' and printables to use while watching the video lesson.  Look here!  The video can be played on a tablet!
Lots of printables to pair with each video lesson!  And you can see how students are guided through the lesson with highlighting and underlining on the screen! Come try out a video today!