Comprehension Practice with a Primary Grade Favorite: Junie B. Jones!

Junie B. Jones is a popular character among primary grade students!  Junie B. books make great read alouds.  If you need a way for your students to practice their comprehension, we have comprehension journals for the Junie B. Jones books.
In the comprehension journals, students have one page to complete for each chapter.

The comprehension pages are appealing to students because of the varied response types; such as fill in the blank, drawing the answer, circling the answer, writing the answer, etc.  

The comprehension journals are easy to prep; they simply require copying, cutting, and stapling. 
A lot of the Junie B. books go nicely with monthly themes as well; such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
Junie B. Jones comprehension journals work well for listening comprehension, literacy circles, guided reading groups, parent volunteers, at home learning, and more!  

We have a Junie B. journal to try for free; check it out HERE.

You can buy journal for each book, or we have a Junie B. journal BUNDLE; check it out HERE.

One more thing.... we have a FREE Reading Response pack that can be used with ANY Junie B. Jones book(s).  It has 5 fun activities for students that love Junie B.! Click HERE to grab your copy!