Teacher Tips: 10 Ideas for Word Work!

We have put together some of our favorite Word Work ideas to share with you!  These are activities that students can use to practice sight words, words they are practicing for their weekly spelling list, or words based on specific patterns you are practicing!  All of the activities can be done independently or in partners / small groups. These also work well for Word Work centers or the Word Work part of Daily 5. 

These window markers are a lot of fun for kids!  They are always shocked when you tell them they can practice their words ON the window!!  Click HERE to grab some (affiliate link)!

We love to play "Mix + Fix" with magnetic letters.  Students shake the container (mix), pour out the letters, and build the word (fix).  After they build the word, you can have them clap out the letters and say the word.  You can also have them close their eyes, take a letter, and ask them what letter is missing.  Yet another idea is to have the student(s) push each letter up and say the letter as they move it.  This is a great tactile activity.   Click HERE to grab some (affiliate link)! 

Students love to stamp out the letters in a word but have trouble finding the letters if they aren't organized.  To organize them, use ice cube trays.  Label the trays and then the stamps are easier to find and put away!  Click HERE to grab some (affiliate link)!

Have students practice writing their words on black paper using a white crayon!  Click HERE to grab some (affiliate link)!

Students write their words with this "mystery writer."  After writing the words (which you can't see on the paper), they shine the light on the other end of the pen and they can magically see their words.  Click HERE to grab some (affiliate link)!

Use any page from a coloring book OR students can draw their own picture...they will hide their words in the design.  

Wikki Stix are colorful sticks that are made out of wax. They can be bent and formed into shapes.  Students can build words using the WIkki Stix.  Click HERE to grab some (affiliate link)!  

Students can build their words in the lightbox.  They love to see their words light up!  Click HERE to grab one (affiliate link)!

Students can build their words on the Letterboard.  I prefer the larger size letters as they are easier to move around.  Click HERE to grab one (affiliate link)!  Click HERE to grab a set (affiliate link)!

Have your students write their words using multiple colors of paint sticks; another way to do Rainbow Words!  I've had the best luck with Ooly brand "Chunkie Paint Sticks."  Click HERE to grab a set (affiliate link)!

If you are needing a weekly set of lists / activities for the Word Work part of your day, make sure to check out our Word Work pack on TpT!  It is a whole year worth of Word Work; differentiated lists for each week, activities for each day of the week, etc.  Click HERE to check it out!