Simple Science: Color Mixing

Color Mixing Experiment
This colorful experiment takes a bit of prep time in advance, but kiddos will love to see it in action! 
You need food coloring, water, ice cube trays, and cups!

 Make cups of yellow, blue, and red colored water.  Fill an ice cube tray with the water and freeze!

Colored ice cubes ready!

Put the ice cubes in cups.  You need 6 cups.  1-red cubes, 2- yellow and red cubes, 3- yellow cubes, 4-yellow and blue cubes, 5- blue cubes, 6- blue and red cubes.

Add water to the cups!  Watch the cups fill with colored water and for some colors to mix to form a rainbow with the cups!

A rainbow!

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Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!