Independent Tools for Learning at School OR Distance Learning

We have put together some of our favorite tools that can be used independently.  Because they are independent tools; they work for in class learning (no germs!) or distance learning (send them home with students!). 


Math Strategy Tools provide your students with reminders of all the strategies they can use to solve different types of math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).  As you teach each strategy, you can hand out the tool; or you can give them all out at once.  

Rainbow Math is a system that challenges students to learn their facts - through the rainbow. As they learn their facts, they add the next color to their ring. 


Reading Comprehension Tools provide your students with reminders of all the strategies they can use while working on their reading comprehension skills.  As you teach each comprehension strategy, you can hand out the tool; or you can give them all out at once.   

Our Reading Retell Bracelet (and bookmark) allows your students to practice retelling a story by telling about the characters, setting, problem, and solution.  Each bead represents one part of the story.  The poem that goes along with the bracelet helps them remember what each story element means.  Moving the beads as they retell is a great kinesthetic activity!  You can also just use the bookmark, and not worry about the bracelet!  


This Handy Helper Folder is a great tool to help kiddos when they are writing (and so much more!).  The folder has many helpful tips; such as a word wall, ideas of things to write about, words commonly used in writing, and tips on writing their best.  

Find out even more about the Handy Helper Folder HERE. It's a FREE download on our blog!

Wikki Stix are a great tool for students to practice their words (spelling words, sight words, etc.).  Amazon sells individual packs (affiliate link) that would be great to send home OR would work in each child's cubby, supply pouch, etc. 


To make supplies where students are not sharing, our favorite is a pencil pouch that zips.  A few things you can add to keep from sharing....

Peronsal pencil sharpeners 

Post It Note pad 

and of course the basics; crayons, pencils, scissors, glue.  

We wish you the best of luck for the new school year, regardless of how you are starting! 


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