St. Patrick's Day Freebie and Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf

Rain, rain, go away!  Rainy day here in NC, but sunny skies are headed our way for tomorrow!  So as we wait for the sun to come out , we’re thinking about Rainbows, Leprechauns, and our new packet: Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf.  We’re using this gem to reinforce hard work and kindness in our classrooms!  Our kiddos have been a bit silly lately….we’re past 100 days, having lots of crazy weather delays, and Spring Break is still a while off.  We found this cute leprechaun on Amazon and are preparing for his arrival in our classroom in a few weeks.  Grab our freebie and check out our Leprechaun Packet on TpT to see if it would be useful in your classroom!



Manic Monday Freebie!

Happy Monday!  Today we started our new literature unit “Reading Across the Genres.”  We created a freebie packet to introduce book genres to our kiddos.  Using a shopping theme, we’re working on showing the kids how to “shop across the genres” when selecting books for their book boxes.  To begin this week, we’re making an anchor chart to intro each genre and notice/discuss characteristics of each genre.  With Dr. Seuss’ birthday coming up, we’ll definitely use one of his books for fiction and also a story of his life for biography.

Five For Friday {including a FREEBIE} 2.22.13

Hello Blog Hoppers! 
It’s Friday!  We hope your week was a good one!  Here are our Five for Friday things…

1.  If you are using Daily 5 in your classroom, you know that part of the structure is to have students “shop” for their books.  In our classrooms we are trying to encourage our kiddos to select books from a variety of genres for their book bins.   The FREEBIE below provides you with materials to make a “Shopping for Books Across the Genres” anchor chart, as well as, a “shopping list” students can use to select books, response sheets for Read to Self and Read to Someone, and a “shopping list” for students to fill out prior to “shopping” for books.   You can find the genre freebie through the link below!  Happy Shopping!  

2.   Last week we talked about a new routine we were starting in our classrooms to increase addition fluency, Rainbow Math.  Our students are so excited and many of them are moving on up already!  They love practicing together!  Rainbow Math is also available in our TpT store!  

3.  We are always looking for new Word Work activities to keep our kids excited and engaged while practicing their phonics skills.  This is one that we wanted to share in case you were looking for something to try.  Students use “window markers” to practice their words!  They literally write all over our classroom windows, which they just LOVE!
4.  We have completed our unit on Shapes in Math.  Our students made “Geoanimals” using 3D shapes they had brought from home (things like cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, birthday hats, etc.)!  The kids loved creating something unique from things that would’ve been thrown away!

5.We worked on “Blends Projects” this week.  For this project,  there was a square for each of the beginning blends (bl, cr, st, etc), and students worked together to find pictures of things in magazines that started with the blend square they were assigned to.  They had a great time working with partners on this project.  It definitely encouraged team work and cooperative learning.  In Sara’s room, she made a quilt with the squares.  In my room, I attached the squares to a line that hangs in my room with colorful clothespins. 

Have a GREAT weekend!

Shapes Freebie!

We shared on Friday about a shape activity we had done with I-Spy books.  The kids had a great time doing this activity with a partner!  We included the recording sheet in our new Shape Packet posted on TpT.  Here is the recording sheet as a freebie.  Check out the whole packet at our TpT store!

Happy President's Day!

Good Morning!  Unlike our kiddos, we don’t have today off.  So while we wait for our training to begin, we’re preparing our President’s Day lessons.  Throughout the week, we’ll be working on these George and Abe’s, then comparing the two.  We thought we would share the fact labels for anyone interested in working on these in the their classroom.  There are two sets of facts….decide which work best for you kiddos.  Have a great day!

Click here for the facts!

Five for Friday - February 15th

Happy Friday Blog Hoppers!  We have had another busy week….especially with Valentine’s Day.  Here are our Five for Friday things.

1.  Rainbow Math has begun!  In trying to figure out a way to increase addition fact fluency, we designed an incentive to move up in levels.  Each kiddo gets a ring with +1 facts (in red) to begin.  Once they master this level, they will add on +2 (in orange) and so on until they collect all the colors of the rainbow.  If you are familiar with Rainbow Words, the set up is very similar in use and management.  Our kiddos are super excited to begin and are already wanting to test up to the next level!
 Check it out on our TpT Store!

2. Valentine’s Day was a hit in our classrooms…especially with our resource we created this year to help our kiddos have purposeful fun!!  They enjoyed working with a partner to complete their story elements, funny sentences, and character trait maps.  Their favorite part by far was the scavenger hunt using their Valentine Cards.  Despite the sugar high that had begun after munching on several Valentine’s treats, we both found our kiddos to be actively engaged in this activity.  Check them out below!  

3.  I Spy Shapes!  We continued our work with shapes this week.  One unique way we evaluated student knowledge of shapes was through this I Spy activity.  We handed out large I Spy books to partner groups and directed them to find as many examples of 2-D and 3-D shapes as they could.  This activity can be found in a shape packet we’ll post on TpT next week.  Keep a look out for it!!

4.  Are your kiddos still making a lower case “i” when they should be doing a capital I?  Our kiddos certainly are!  We did this quick activity to reinforce the use of an I by itself.  We also love reading Alphabet Adventure by Audrey and Bruce Wood.  In this story, little i looses his dot and the rest of the alphabet has to search for it.  We tell the kids little i can never be alone because he will loose his dot!

5.  We aren’t as lucky as out kiddos to have Monday off, but we will use our planning day to get ready for teaching President’s Day with this activity.

A Lot of Love in First Grade! (And a Freebie!)

We are gearing up for Valentine’s Day in first grade.  A project we worked on this week was our “Valentine Quotation Sentence Strips.”  We have been looking at how authors use quotation marks in their books and have discussed their purpose.  This activity gave the kiddos a chance to practice using quotation marks, but in a fun way!  We used Valentine candy hearts as quotation marks and the students had to think about somebody that they love.  

We also had a lesson on Healthy Hearts from our great P.E. teacher.  She always emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle in every class she does with the kids.  This month, being Heart Healthy Month, she did a class on ways to keep your heart healthy.  We caught the end of the class and got inspired to create this activity.  We are going to turn it into a class book so kiddos can embrace the importance of healthy hearts all year long!  We're sharing it on Freebielicious for their "Freebies on the First: February"  and on Classroom Freebies for their "Manic Monday."

Visit our TpT store where we have a Valentine's Day freebie that includes a book activity and Valentines to pass out to your students, as well as, a complete Valentine activity packet for 
purchase (links below).   

                              Freebie...                                 For Purchase...

Happy Valentines Day to you and your classroom buddies! 

Five for Friday

Hello All!  This is our first link-up!  Here are our Five for Friday things.

1. We’re blogging now!  We decided to create our blog this week to share some of our ideas and happenings from the classroom and connect with all you great teachers out there! 

2. It was our 100th Day of School this week!  I think the kiddos thought they were done with school at 100, because they got wigglier and wigglier as the week went on!

3. Now that it is February, we took down some past projects.  This meant goodbye to our cute New Year’s Kids.  Now it’s time for our kiddos to share these New Year’s goals with their families.

4. We also took down our How To writing.  This was How To Make a Snowman.  Our kiddos partnered up to generate these writing pieces.

5.  Now we have room for our great Non-Posters to display for now.  Our kiddos selected a non-ficiton text of their choice and created a poster to represent facts found in their books.