End of Year Survival Guide! {+ freebies!}

We sat down to plan our End of Year activities last week and thought we could throw all of our notes on the blog in hopes that it could help you in your classrooms!  The EOY is all about survival, isn't it?! 

First up....our last week of school plans!  
The last week of school, we have a plan for each day.  One part of that day is devoted to a fun activity that we otherwise don't get to do during the year.  

Our daily themes are: 

Art and Crafts Day:  This is a chance for kiddos to make pretty much whatever their little hearts desire!  We ask for craft item donations and let them use anything we get.  We add things from the classroom that we have as well.  This turns out messy but fun!

Game Day:  We ask kiddos to bring board games.  We let the kiddos rotate through the games so they can play as many as they can.  This day is usually a big hit! 

Centers Day:  We have Math, Science, and Word Work centers set up.  The centers are quick, easy things that review the work we've done.   

Read and Relax Day:  The kiddos bring beach towels and books from home.  Usually on this day we bring a fun treat for them to enjoy while reading.  

Special Project:  This is our End of Year "party" per say.  Our room parents plan this.  Usually it's a summer craft (like visor or water bottle), snack of some kind, and a game.  

If you'd like to have an End of the Year Fun Week, CLICK HERE for the parent letter seen below.  The letter allows you to write the dates in that work best for your class.  


Next Up...awards!

We love to select an award for each kiddo in our class.  We use our END OF YEAR SUPERLATIVE AWARDS for this!  There are over 30 awards; so you're guaranteed to find something for everyone!   

We have FREE EOY awards as well.  There is one for each grade level (Preschool through 5th Grade).   

Need a few more EOY activities?  Here's a few fun ones to grab (for free!):

The kiddos enjoyed this last year!  We brainstormed memories of first grade for each letter of the alphabet:


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