Mother's Day / Father's Day FREE Mini Books

We're sharing FREE mini books for Mother's Day and Father's Day!  Make them as a simple and easy gift to send home or attach them to special gift and they can be like a card!
Here's a closer look at our printable Mother's Day and Father's Day Mini Books!  The pages are half sheet, so when cut they make a nice little mini book.  They also save paper when printing!
We like to pair these mini books with a read aloud of What Mommies/Daddies Do Best.
 This book is 2 in 1!!  Grab it once and you will be set for celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day!  Find it on Amazon.  (affiliate link)

Once your kiddos write their ideas and draw in the book, it will be so cute to give as a gift!  

 And moms and dads will LOVE to read what their kiddos have written!

Now, head over to our Teachers Pay Teachers and download your FREE file with the Mother's Day and Father's Day mini books!

And you can also find Emergent Passages for Mother's Day and Father's Day in the packs below!  Click each picture to find the pack in our Teachers Pay Teachers store!
Mother's Day Passage in the May Reading Passages set!

Father's Day Passage in the June Reading Passages set!