100th Day of School Fun!

To celebrate the 100th Day of School, we set up math centers using the number 100!  In this post, we're sharing our favorite centers we've gathered through the years and giving you the resources to create them for your own classroom!

Ready for the 100th Day!  
We like to keep each center's supplies in a zip bag. This makes the centers easy to store and easy to hand out to kiddos! Follow along below to see each of the 10 centers we set up for the 100th day. Some of the centers take a bit of time to complete, so we keep them set up for a few days to a week after the actual 100th day.
At the end of this post, you can grab the set of center ideas for free!

Grab the center posters and printable materials in the resource below!


 Favorite Books!
These are a few of our favorite 100th Day books we've collected over the years!  If you gather a few and start your own collection, you could make it another 100th Day center! 
(Click the links to grab the books on Amazon using our affiliate links)

100th Day Projects 
In addition to the activities and centers we prepare for the classroom, we have our kiddos create a project with 100 objects.  Here are some of our favorites!

Assign this project to your kiddos with this FREE editable note to parents!


100 Exercises  
Grab this favorite FREE activity pack to get the kiddos MOVING on the 100th day!



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