Simple Science: Fun and Easy Science Experiements for Primary

We love to have a Simple Science Experiment every Friday.  This is an easy way to boost practice of experimentation, exploration, and observation in the classroom.  Plus, they are SUPER fun and allow for student participation! Come see some of our favorites and grab a recording sheets for your kiddos to use!
Simple Science for Primary Kiddos
Once we're ready to introduce science lessons and experiments in the classroom, we love using this activity! We start with reading the book What is Science? It's simple and easy to read for primary kiddos. Here are some more fun reads for introducing science exploration in the classroom!  Click on the links to grab them on Amazon! (affiliate links)

We also pull out this Learning Resources Science Kit! It's got lots of common tools a scientist uses and is great for displaying as we make the chart! These tools can be added to the chart and you can give kiddos a visual by showing them the tools. Kiddos can also hold the tools and explore with the tools.

Grab this Science Kit on Amazon! (affiliate link)

This kit make a great addition to a Science Center for display all year! We like to set all of the tools our for kiddos to continue to explore. We also grab tools from this kit all through the year as we do our Simple Science experiments each Friday!

Simple and Fun Experiments!
Click each picture to visit the blog post for the experiment.  You can read about how to set up the experiment, find a paired read aloud book, and grab a recording sheet to use with your kiddos!

Colored Rubber Eggs